Knowing when you're ready for 70-410

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I've been putting off my MCSA for a decade now. (I did take and pass the first test for Windows 2003.) I currently have about 12 years experience as a sys admin in a Windows environment. I've been studying for the 70-410 off and on. I even bought a full CBT Nuggets subscription with the Transcender tests. That expires next week and with then Second Shot promotion, I want to knock this out for good. I've also been reading Mastering Server 2012. I feel like I have the knowledge and experience for the most part, but lack a lot of the Powershell ability as well as the nitty gritty details that Microsoft likes to focus on. I would also like to get more lab experience. I work in an MSP and can't experiment on customer systems and my home set up is very basic. I've considered something like Boson's labs. I've had good experience with them and my CCNA.

If I can pass the Transcender's pretty consistently, do you think that's enough to pass the actual exam? I'm tempted to just take a chance and try it out, but I'd feel like an idiot asking for time off for it and then failing. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    If your goal to just be certified, you can A's the exam by just reading the book and going through technet articles, but if you want to become the get go person and fully understand 2012R2 ndon't think that's good at all. You can do few labs using technet virtual, but nothing will re-enforce your knowledge than hands on in a home lab playing with different scenarios.
    If you have a windows 8 pro or Enterprise , you can setup a nested lab using Hyper-V as long as you upgrade to 8 GB of ram and install a SSD.

    As far as powershell, you need to learn how to use get-help and how to pipeline. I highly recommend Powershell One Month of Lunch and go to MVA and look for getting started with powershell 3. There is also a video in YouTube from His highnes Don Jones.

    I used to dislike Windows until I discovered Powershell then felt in love with the language.
    If you type lines of code you don't understand, I can explain to you what is happening and how you can achieve the exact same thing in different situations.
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    Once you've covered CBT's, read the technets and done some labbing if you're scoring well on the transcender then I'd have a crack at the exam because if nothing else it will show you where you're at, then if you fail book the 2nd shot within 3wks and focus on the weak areas as shown by the exam result.

    I did this around this time last year but the exam IMO was more difficult then, when I finally passed at the end of Nov there were less questions (40) and they were more concise.

    Good luck.
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    If you can comfortably run through the objectives and feel you have a good understanding of how to perform each task (powershell and gui), then you are most likely ready. This is a tough test, make sure you lab everything in the objectives before attempting. Good luck!
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    pepper311 wrote: »
    What is the powershell syntax to create a VM named "VM2" with a 20 GB partition inside the directory C:\VM1 with a logical sector size of 4kb?

    If you didnt know that then you better study some more. Make some flash cards of powershell syntax.

    It aint gonna be easy questions like "What is the powershell to transform full gui to server core?"

    BTW: The answer is on page 159 of the Craig Zacker textbook

    I'm not sure if this can be answered without breaking exam policies, but what is the format for powershell questions? Will it be an interactive shell or picking the right command/parameter from multiple choice? I'm good with powershell, but I certainly don't know every command, I use help/Google and tab to find what parameters are available. Should I memorize for the exam?
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    Out of respect for the NDA, the test is fair in regards to PowerShell (Microsoft realizes that people don't memorize PowerShell commands/use tab)
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