GNS3/VMWare/VBox/Server08R2/Windows10 Lab

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So I was messing around with GNS3 and wanted to show case the power of what it can do it you have not played with it yet. Once I started CCNP Route I kind of fell in love with. So utilizing my skills learned be a Server admin and desktop support I created this cool lab. You have to make a couple loopback adapters for all this to work smoothly. Requires some Serious PC power.

Some of the highlights are:
1) Server 2008 R2 on VB running AD/DHCP/DNS/WDS
2) 2 Windows 10 machines running on VB and on the domain.
3) Cisco ACS 5.3 "Tacacs+" running on VMware Desktop *Once you log into the ACS you can get the Demo 90 License and it must be the the one that starts with ACSFEATEVAL2015 for it to work. VMware must be 500GB and 4GB ram.
4) ISP router connected to my separate NIC card connected to a Digi WR44 to provide a separate internet.
5) IPsec GRE tunnel between branch offices. with OSPF
6) AAA logging on the Routers
7) Syslog server on the 08R2 box provided by 3CDameon
icon_cool.gif DHCP works both Office networks.

Those of you who are into PC builds here is my older EVGA build with some Classified gear and water cooling to run it all.
12GB of 2000Mhz Ram and looks like I need some more Dominators!
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