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Hi All,

I have around 13+ years of experience in Software design and development in that 5 years in Financial domain and having my engineering (Bachelor – 4 years) degree in Computer Science. Now I am planning to change my domain to InfoSec on this I am planning to prepare for CISSP exam, Please advise me is my experience does help me in getting CISSP , how would I go for this. I appreciate your time and help on this.

Do I need to have any other certification prior to start preparation to CISSP?



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    You should be fine. ISC2 requires "a minimum of five years of direct full time security professional work experience in two or more of the ten domains". You have 13+ experience, which is more than 10 years minimum requirement (2 domains, 5 years each). "Software Development Security" should be one of your 2 domains. For the second domain, you need to pick one and relate your other 7-year experience to it. I recommend that you look into Access Control, Cryptography, Telecommunication & Network Security, which are closely related to software development projects. For example: you must design authentication, authorization, RBAC, user management, etc.. for the software you developed you can account that experience for Access Control domain. Similarly if you did some network configuration works when developed and deployed your software you can account them for Telecommunication & network domain (such as TCPIP port, firewall port,....).
    Finally, you can waive one year experience with your B.S. degree.

    Read this form, it will help you understand

    I saw some people in this forum reported that he/she got endorsed with only 7+years experience with IT Help Desk support!

    So you are well qualified for it. Go for it.

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    sucheendrasucheendra Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hi Goviepm
    Your advice really motivated me to start preparation. I appreciate your help thank you.
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