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Hi guys, I have always loved computers/technology and always fixed my computers and did basic trouble shooting for friends and at work. Well just recently my computer stopped working completely and with the help of the internet I was able to get it working again. I was very happy and decided I have to try to get certified at least.

I have been studying and so far I really like it and things are sinking in but i have one problem. I have various books and videos but just don't know how deep I must study to past the test? Basically could someone tell me about how specified is the test. Do i have to learn every pin,speed and every nook. Or is the test more general in a sense.

thank you


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    Welcome! To answer your question, ask yourself if you would want a computer technician that was fixing your expensive, new box that just died unexpectedly to know about "every pin, speed and every nook" or just general stuff? icon_thumright.gif It's better to learn about how every little thing functions since they all work cohesively together.

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    The breadth of this material is large, don't get me wrong, but differentiating pins, compatibility, and most importantly, troubleshooting, are essentials to understanding any computer. Once you establish a system, things will come together.
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    First thing would be to recommend downloading the objectives from CompTIA regarding the two exams for the A+.
    Meyers Text is one of the best around and will prepare you well, provided you have some hands-on experience as CompTIA recommends.

    Practice, play, whatever with as many different computer components and environments that you can. The exams are not that difficult, but as they are most folks first exams, scare them a bit. If it appears on the objectives, you should know it. If you want to be a tech, you are doing yourself a favor to know as much as possible.

    Please do not ask our members any specifics about their exams, they cannot answer without violating their NDA. CompTIA provides sample questions and answers the specifics thoroughly. However, feel free to ask our members to help you understand concepts regarding computers and such, this type of stuff they can answer.

    There is over a decade of knowledge on in the threads, do not hesitate to look back through older threads, but certainly feel free to post concise questions that pertain to technology.
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    Ok thanks for all the tips and suggestions.
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