Congratulations are in order

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The head of our company (an accounting firm) sent out an email after lunch today congratulating a few people in the office on acquiring different certifications. My boss and I are the only two IT personnel in the company. My boss just passed his CISA exam so he was in the list. I had just passed my Security+ a week or so before Christmas and my Network+ the year before that so I thought maybe I would have been in the list. I was not, but I suppose my boss noticed that and said something because the head of the company sent out another email congratulating me:

"I missed one. [my name] passed the examination for the CompTIA Security+ and Network+ certifications. In case you do not know what this is see below:

[copy/pasted descriptions of Security+ and Network+ exams]

Even after reading this I am still not sure but it sounds complicated. So congratulate [my name] as well."

I thought that was the weirdest congrats I have ever received haha


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