ICND2 more difficult than ICND1?

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Hi everyone! I passed ICND1 last week :)
I'm wondering if ICND2 is more difficult than ICND1.


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    Well, the "difficulty" of either exam would be highly subjective and would vary from person to person. Objectively, yes, of course, ICND2 would be more difficult since it's basically building on the knowledge of ICND1 to a good extent. Familiarity with the IOS & cli, basics of TCP/IP, concepts of switching and routing are most assuredly a big precursor to the next exams higher up in the track.

    Also, it would help a lot if you could give us a little more background of your knowledge scope.
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    I think it is more difficult.

    You can get by ICND1 with just a book, but you have to know how the stuff and how to lab for ICND2.
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    Thank guy!
    So can we say, in ICND2 there more labs and less theory than ICND1?
    I love do labs on gns3/packet tracer and on real stuffs!
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    I have posted this before but I will say it again.

    I felt the test was harder but the studying was easier. The reason is that ICND1 was completely new to me. ICND2 builds on what you learn in one. So your getting new concepts but your already familiar with the basics.

    I strongly suggest labbing as much as possible. You can read something 100 times and if you are reading it wrong you will never know. At some point you have to apply the knowledge to confirm it.

    Good Luck!
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    I thought ICND2 was easier then ICND1, But then again I used packet tracer to build my own scenarios to understand the concept. Im more of a visual learner .
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    To me ICND1 was more difficult than ICND2
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    I thought ICND1 was more difficult, perhaps because many of the concepts were new at the time.
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    Interesting.. I passed ICDN1 a few days ago and left feeling like that was the hardest exam i have ever taken..

    Good news. Hopefully i will knock out ICND2, but i will definitely make sure i put the time in. icon_cool.gif
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    I found ICND2 to be harder. I also noticed you only get 75 minutes for ICND2 as opposed to 90 minutes for the ICND1. This really puts pressure on you.
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