A+ exam question(EXAM CRAM book)

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Plan on taking both exams next month, I've taken classes on the A+ and I've learned quite a bit. I was wondering if i study from Exam Cram and watch proff. messrs videos, will i be able to pass the test? I'm pretty confident in the 801 sections....802 is crazy ...too much info. especially regarding OS requirements and upgrade paths.(were there alot of questions based on that stuff?)


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    Yes, I would say the Exam Cram should be all you need, If you don't have a lot of prior experience but you took some classes this should compliment it well. I used only the Exam Cram book and prior knowledge and was able to pass with 800+ scores on each of the tests... There is a lot of information but if you use the book/cram sheet & the cd you should be fine.
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    thanks for your reply, ill be swimming through the cram sheet
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    Good luck on the tests. I am also taking them very soon, 801 next month, and 802 in March.

    I've been using the Exam Cram, Meyers, and Gibson books. More so the Exam Cram one though. I find that its great. Meyers is a bit too detailed. IMO its more so for somebody with 0 knowledge and 0 experience. I also love the CD that came with the Exam Cram book which includes the practice exams.
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    I'll tell you the good and the bad:

    I'm not fan of messer and his videos! Instead of watching someone do stuff, it's better you get your hands dirty and do it yourself (exceptions exist, as sometimes I do watch tech videos). Sadly, to try to find a 'shortcut' to pass an exam may cost you money and grief at the end.

    Try to learn 'organically' and get hands on. Having said that, Cram books are excellent, read the guide and then read the examcram practice exams.
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