I have been told to subnet this ip...

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I have been told to subnet with two hosts 22 and 10 I have a CCNA exam tommrow and one of the parts is to subnet this and also fill in boxes such as Class of I.P, Number of bits in the original IP address, Number of bits used for subnet A, New IP subnet mask in binary, Maximum number of usable subnets, Number of usable hosts, IP subnet address, First IP host and broadcast address


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    This question is a bit vague. Are you saying you need .22 and .10 in the same subnet then work out the result of the remaining subnets?

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    we been told Subnet A is 22 and Subnet B is 10 we are then trying to connect two pc via a router and switch
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    As always it is best to post what you have worked out so we can see what you might need help with.

    The only thing someone could do here is give you the answer. That won't really help either of us.
    I would suggest that while you need to learn to do this quickly in your head you can look up subnet calculators on the web to check your answers.

    Good Luck on the exam.
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    'would love to help you but need more info like subnet chosen, the deal with 22 and 10 etc. Maybe post the questions here, as it is. Although, it might be a little too late since you have your exam tomorrow(or today depending on your timezone).
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    pompe2018 wrote: »
    we been told Subnet A is 22 and Subnet B is 10 we are then trying to connect two pc via a router and switch

    Are you trying to tell us that Subnet A has 22 hosts, and Subnet B has 10 hosts?

    Or that subnet A contains and subnet B contains

    You need to be clear. However, I assume it is the first, and if that is the case I'm sorry but you are probably going to fail your CCNA exam tomorrow.
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    2 hosts /30
    10 hosts /28
    22 hosts /27 host range -> 30; 31 is broadcast host range 33 -> 46; 47 is broadcast or /31 if /31 is supported! hosts .49 .50; .51 is broadcast
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    subnet A has 22 hosts and subnet B has 10 hosts im struggling working out how much the range goes up in
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