How best to run a test environment?

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Hi All,

I'm on the look out for a cost effective way of running a XenDesktop test infrastructure (yes for a CCA-V in XenDesktop 7.x)! I haven't been able to find any active projects / relatively cheap products that offer this. I wonder if anyone has any experience / suggestions.

I may end up buying a server but feel like I must be missing something (maybe my googling isn't as good as I thought)!

Any thoughts appreciated.


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    Citrix do have a large amount of demo sites and labs. Unfortunately, you either need to enroll in a e-learning class or work for a company that is thinking of purchasing Citrix and requested a demo from Citrix's sales team/partner.

    Best bet is to go your own with xenserver on an SSD - instead of using some cloud provisioned thing (which wont support PVS).

    And the old saying fits nicely here. You have to spend money to make money.
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    I did find a some Citrix lab resources, but they were approx £500 per month! Making them unrealistic for most personal educational use. Interestingly I did find, but it looks like it's not off the ground yet.

    I'm aware of the HCL list that Citrix generate, but wonder if you have any other specific recommendations/thoughts on hardware to use. I'm thinking about seeing if these guys - Overclockers UK - Computer components, hardware & gaming PC can help me out.

    thanks for the reply.
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    I've only had to consult HCL lists when I've been trying to do something fancy. RemoteFX on Hyper-V has a list of requirements as long as your arm. So I'm going to exclude any kind of GPU on XD/XS for now.

    The guy opposite me is studying for his CCA-V now. He has a lenovo laptop running VMWare workstation. On that he's put XenServer. When I was studying I've used my old Dell T1500. Pretty much if its got an i7 and more than 8gb of memory, you can't go wrong. I would be still using the T1500 if I could put more than 16gb in it (which I think is more than enough for the CCA-V).
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    Very helpful, thanks for that.
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