Does anyone here actually work for Juniper?

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I am curious if there are any Juniper employees here, had a few questions

If so, is it a good company to work for?
-Are they flexible, offer telecommuting etc?
-Do they pay well?

What kind of experience did you have before working for them?
-Do you need to be JNCIP/E level experience for them to take you on?

Would you recommend others to work for them?

I'm at a stage now where I seriously want a new job, but I'm not willing to just go somewhere that has better money for the sake of getting more money and still not liking my job all that much.
Would prefer to work somewhere that does something I really like, and I love Juniper's products.

I got my JNCIA simply because I liked Juniper products and had worked with them before, but never progressed further than that, I am most likely going to do JNCIS-SEC any how just to keep my Juniper certification current.
But would that get me anything beyond a support position with Juniper ?

I don't have any other vendors certifications either(I figure Juniper takes CCIE seriously), I have been more of a System Admin and Web person rather than networking, not to say I don't have a good knowledge but it's never been my 9-5 job dealing exclusively with networks.
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