Packet Tracer crashing constantly

Hammer80Hammer80 Posts: 207Member
Ok, so I am beyond frustrated. I am trying to use Packet Tracer to study for my CCNA and it keeps on crashing a lot. One of the main things that seems to trigger the crash that I been able to see has been been when I put in the IP configuration for the individual PC workstations. I am running Windows 7 64bit and I have tried Packet Tracer 6.0.1 and 6.1.1. I have tried this on multiple computers including one which is running Windows Home Server v1 same issue. I am currently trying to use version 5.3.3 as my last resort before I say screw Windows and just put in a Linux VM but not sure if that is any more stable. I am really getting sick and tired of having to setup and configure an entire topology to see it crash and burn. Thoughts ?


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