Alfa wireless USB adapter is sloooooow

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I am using an Alfa AWUS036H with a 7 dbi directional antenna on a re-purposed desktop I am using for labbing. I was using a dlink wireless N adapter, but signal strength was very low causing frequent disconnects.

The signal strength is no longer an issue, but now my download speeds are terrible (2-3 Mbps vs 60 Mbps on every other wireless device on the same network).

I am using the latest drivers for this device, rebooted and issue persisted. Any ideas on where to begin troubleshooting this?


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    Alfa AWUS036H doesn't support 802.11n, only b/g, which are not capable of such speeds. I don't know much about wireless technology but maybe that's the issue.
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    I tried a different antenna (omni) and doubled my speeds (7-8 Mbps), which I am guessing is probably the top end of g speeds.

    Its a trade off, but worth it! I will take 8 Mbps downloads if it keeps me connected consistently without wires.

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    G supports up to 54 Mbps. Real world it's around 25-30, you don't need N to get that. Unless you're talking megabytes, not bits.
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