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Does this seem like a nice setup for a home lab already passed ccent. Plan to take CCNA and CCNP in the next year:
2x 2821 Routers with SDM, CME, 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
2x 2621XM Routers having 2 FE, 2 Serial Ports
2x 2950 Switches 24 FE Ports1x 3550-24-SMI Switch with EMI Layer-3 Routing Features


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    If you are planning to go CCNP go for 1841 routers and in switches 3550, 3750 or 3560's
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    The 2821 is a good router, but large (2 RU) and will use more electricity and generate more heat than something smaller like an 1841. The 2621XM will probably suffice for most topics, but an 1841 would be better and isn't that much more cost wise. The 2621XM could make a good Frame Relay Switch since it has an NM Slot. The current TSHOOT (which is ending Jan. 29) topology has 6 Routers (ISP, R1, R2, R3, R4, and a Frame Relay Switch) and 4 Switches (2 x Layer 3 and 2 x Layer 2 or 3).
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    For CCNA sure, they will be just fine.
    For CCNP not really enough if you plan on following labs.
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    gns3 or iouweb would be more than enough, it is good to have hardware to get your cabling skills up icon_smile.gif
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    For CCENT / CCNA it's fine, but for the CCNP (if you plan to go that far) you'll need some good multi layer switches (3550, 3560, 3750..)
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