IT Certification Advice Needed Urgently

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Hello everyone, I need advice on developing my current IT skills and knowledge in securing a good paying IT job role with relevant IT certifications.

I have got over 3 years experience working as 1st/2nd line helpdesk desktop support roles, supporting laptop and desktops in a windows enterprise environment with a first degree in Computer & information science.

March 2014 I decided to take certification CompTIA A+ certification, now that I have already gained A+ cert. Since over the years I have found myself working around windows based environment, I made up my mind to take Microsoft certifications in this order starting with:

MCSA Windows 7--> then--->MCSA Windows Server 2012 then-->MCSE eventually...icon_thumright.gif

Since Windows 7 is commonly used and still will be around for a while, I chose Window server next because most 1st/2nd Line require some knowledge of Active directory administration along side with Exchange server for setting up emails etc.

Okay guys please advice according don't hold back...


  • Jon_CiscoJon_Cisco Member Posts: 1,775 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I'm not really sure where the urgently fits in. It seems like you are trying to make long term life desicions and your title might discouge prople from bothering to post.

    Anyway I see nothing wrong with your plan. If you like systems admin then microsoft makes perfect sense.

    I did see a recomendation a while back that made sense to me in term of marketability. Which is always part of taking certifications. It basically suggested skipping the os certification and going straight for the server version. The logic was that most people will assume if you know your way around server 2012 the you must understand the os also. I could not disagree with that perception so I am passing that logic on to you to consider.

    Good Luck!
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