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So I made a goal to take the Network+ before winter break was over. I started mid December. I finished reading the CompTia Exam Cram as well as took notes on every chapter. I am finishing up Professor Messers videos and I am going to read over my notes again. I plan on taking the exam on February 1.

I have been taking random practice tests and have been averaging around 85-90%. I was just wondering what are some good sources for practice tests? I have no issues understanding any of the concepts, it's just memorizing everything and I am also not the greatest test taker. I want to try the VCE **** but I don't want to **** but then I also want to be ready for the format and everything. I was thinking about just doing brain **** from years ago so that way I'm not cheating myself. What are your guys suggestion? I really don't want to have to take the test again so i want to be prepared.

Thanks for the suggestions

P.S I have taken the practice exams on this site, the one in the exam cram book and some random ones I found online but I really don't know how similar it is to the actual test.


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    It's natural to want to know the kind of questions that are asked. However if you have studied you should not need to ****.

    Just make sure you can explain why answers are right or wrong on the practice tests. If you are mostly guessing then you might be in trouble when you take the real exam. What I did for the CCNA was keep a blank pad next to me during the practice test. Every time I read a question if I did not understand one of the possible answers I wrote it down on the pad to look up later. It's a very easy way to get a good list of your weak points.

    Good Luck!
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    hey marc,

    You should download some mobile apps if your phone can support it. There are some free ones out there which can give you more exposure. You can also try the MeasureUp tests or from Darril Gibson's blog. They are not so expensive tbh. Don't give in the temptation to use ****. You'll regret it forever.
    Just make sure you memorize things like port numbers, wifi standards, command-line commands etc. as those things can be tricky especially in the pressure. Go over the exam objectives once more imo and really challenge yourself at your weak areas.

    You really shouldn't let you exam worries get the better of you. You won't be proud of it later.


    PS - We (TE community) are always here to support you morally :) (can help with concepts too!)
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