How do you not feel like a total failure at new tech and certs.

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I struggle with feeling like I have what it takes to pass certifications and learn new tech.

I can generally study about an hour a day. This puts out my goal of passing a cert out to months. In refreshing and attempting to get ready for the test I find out that I forget too much material and have to re-read it again. I then feel overwhelmed and push out the test day gain.

Any advice on how you overcome feeling completely lost? Is it ok and understood that you won't need to know most things when applying for a job? For instance, you need to be proficient in 6 different technologies.

Thank you!


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    I do an hour a day too basically. I end up re-watching some videos again and studying notes again, but I've passed the A+, Net+, MTA, CCENT, and CCNA this way and never once failed (and get 90+% every time) doing this method so I wouldn't worry too much. The guy that crams 4 hours a much is he really retaining? Mental fatigue is real. Just do what you can. 1-2 hours daily 5 days a week is solid.
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    I do feel like that sometimes what I do is take a break and relax my brain its not everyone that can absorb so much at ago and remember everything afterwards, I take break watch a movie or just dont study for a day when I get overwhelmed or not making progress it helps.

    My advice is take your time, learn at your pace and master what you already know before learning new technologies. No point learning alot of technologies and cant be the best at one of the 6 technologies like you said.

    Am gland I found this forum I have read alot, I have been encouraged by advice giving to others in similar situations. Like hurrucane1091 said 1-2hours daily is good enough.
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    I think you need to learn to have realistic expectations and goals for yourself.

    Also you need to work on your learning methods if you are struggling to learn new material. If one method or source isn't working try something else, don't keep trying to force it if it isnt working for you. I found I learn best by watching videos to get an intro to the material, then I lab, read all the technical material and finally lab again to make it stick.

    Sounds to me like you are too focused on the piece of paper and not the knowledge gain by pursuing it which is far more valuable.
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    I am studying more in depth Linux and it's very difficult for me since I have 0 experience in IT itself. I wanted something to challenge me and I found it. I want to master Linux. I find it difficult because I have a full time job not in the tech industry and I have a new baby at the house. My focus can be blurred at times. I would never go into anything without extensive labbing. The paper cert does nothing for me if I can't do. I am so obsessed with mastering Linux it haunts me at night. I am 36 and I have my linux + but I feel like I am always a step behind. I wish I was 20 and doing this, I see myself in my 30's with a beach front home and two dogs.
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    I just try to breathe deep and take one day at a time.
    I get frustrated when others on the forum have achieved a certification that I’m still working on.
    I think darn it, I should have had that by now.
    Although, I do try to step back and realize that I learn at my own pace.

    The best thing about IT is that always changes, and there is always something new to learn.

    My questions for you:
    You said you were looking for I work, is this correct?
    Did you go to college for IT?
    Have you thought about working in IT windows environment, and then moving into a Linux environment?
    I only ask because they’re more Windows based IT support jobs / shops than there are linux based jobs/shops.
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