Just Passed CISSP-ISSAP 22/01/15

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I just came out from the exam center in Accra Ghana where I took the exam.
The difficulty of the exams depend your level of command on the subject matter. Difficult BUT it is a PASSABLE exam.
I Used Official
(ISC) 2 CISSP book (3th edition)
Official (ISC) 2 ISSAP book (2nd edition)
Practice exam questions from
I also used https://www.professionaltestpro.com/ (Cissp because they formulate question from the Official (ISC)2 CISSP book (3th edition) book directly which is good for refreshing your knowledge on the current CISSP subject matter.
I did not use the references in the ISSAP book, (2nd edition) book that do not mean it is not good. I did use Ross Anderson's book (security engineering) and Enterprise Security Architecture: A Business-Driven Approach John Sherwood (Author), Andrew Clark (Author), David Lynas (Author) for referencing
I will also advise you read on the ISSAP CIB topics.
Ken (Accra-Ghana


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    Congrats on passing the test.. Well done!
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    Well done. Always good to see forumites from the 'motherland' doing well. icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats and thanks for the write-up!
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    Just out of curiosity why did you go into the concentrations? Was it required for a job?
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    Congrats! Taking my exam next month, thanks for the list of reference material used.
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    Nice work!
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