My first networking interview

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Hi guys,
I obtained an interview for the next week, I am candidate for a stage therefore a junior level. I have three question for you.

1- Please , advices for me happy.gif

2- If I have a router down, what can I do ? step-by-step or If I have a interface down what can I do ? (step-by-step)

3- If an interface is up/down continually. what can I do ?

Probably I can answer myself at this question, but I am not sure of all. Thanks for your answers.wink.gif


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    I'm no network guru but those seem like super basic questions to me. Why don't you tell us what you would do and the community can provide feedback on possible improvements?
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    If a router is down, I proceed in this way :
    1- The led status (but i don't remember from my study how to explain all leds)
    2- Verify the phisical component
    3- Verify the cable component
    4- Verify the config register

    If an interface is down I use il show ip interface brief command end verify why this interface is down.

    If an interface goes up and down continually, I don't now how can I do. icon_sad.gif
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    If i was interviewing you i'd follow up your answers regarding the router with.
    1) What would you do if you were not in the same physical location as the router?
    2) How would you verify the physical component?
    3) How you you verify the cable component?
    4) How you you verify the config register, what is a config register, how would you access a router to check it. What terminal app would you use, what baud rate etc..

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    If a router doesn't start, I don't think that I can do something from a remote station. If a router is running but doesn't work I can use the telnet command to login in the router. The config register is used in the load of the router. From default is set to 0x2102 and tells to router to load the IOS from flash memory and the configuration file from the NVRAM. IS this correct ?
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