NON-IS Auditing experience

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As per ISACA certification rules "A maximum of 1 year of information systems experience OR 1 year of non-IS auditing experience can be substituted for 1 year of experience."

I worked for many years as external auditor (financial auditing) in Audit firms before being involved in IT auditing. Would that substitute 1 year of
professional information systems auditing, control or security work experience?

Would appreciate any feedback on this.


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    Yes, I believe it would.
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    Definitely! As long as it was with in the last 10 years.

    Submit verified evidence of five years work experience in the fields of Information Systems Auditing, Control, Assurance orSecurity. Work experience must be gained within the ten year period preceding the application date for certification or withinfive years from the date of initially passing the exam.Substitutions and waivers of such experience, to a maximum of 3 years, may be obtained as follows:
    �� A maximum of one year of information systems OR one year of non-IS auditing experience can be substituted for one year of
    information systems auditing, control, assurance or security experience
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