Sooooo.... Funny Story

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A few weeks back I posted after passing my TSHOOT exam which was the last of the 3 I had to pass. I waited a few days and my profile hadn't updated to show my CCNP certification so I opened a ticket and low and behold my SWITCH exam had expired which was the first exam I had written.

I wrote switch back in 2011 and then accepted a new job as a network analyst building a hospitals data, voice and wireless infrastructure so my CCNP got pushed to the side. Life got busy and time passed. January of last year I got around to writing my ROUTE exam within that 3 year window before stuff started to expire. I assumed the renewal of all my other certs would also renew the SWITCH exam. WRONG. All exams for a certain curriculum must be completed within a 3 year period. Personally I think as long as the exam you are taking is still in the same version as the others they shouldn't expire.

Anyhow I rewrote my SWITCH exam this morning and got an even better score this time around. Finally CCNP and what a ride!
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