VM Disk Read Error - Undersubscribed VM

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I have several XP VM's that have 512 mb of memory each for years now. Recently users complain they cant access so when I look at the console, I have this message.

I browse them VM's folder and notice this

I have noticed that the users will just X out of their remote session leaving a bunch of applications running which is why I believe there is so much swapping going on. I bumped the RAM to 1gb each about 2 days ago on a couple and haven't had the disk read error since.

Is this typically what happens to an under subscribed VM? or should I be looking for a completely different issue?


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    These screenshots dont say whether there's swapping going on, the .vswp file size = RAM size = 512MB. Based off what you are saying, it looks like the VMs needed more than the previously configured RAM, you bumped it up and the problem's gone away. Not enough information to confirm there was any swapping. Check the vCenter performance charts.
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