Failed by one question

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I studied for 3 months and failed by one question. Recalling the questions now, I think the exam questions are ridiculous. I probably spent too much time on technical details and not enough on policies. I even saw one question about SQL. I don't recall seeing that in any of the books I have read. The questions are so vague that you are stuck between 2 very similar answers. I am going to try again in a few weeks but if I get the same result, to hell with Security + .


    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully better luck next time. Don't give up hope. Re-evaulate your weak areas and give it another try.

    All the best :D
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    Not passing because of a single question is no fun, but it does show you are very close and have a good chance of passing next time if you brush up on your weak areas.

    Good luck!
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    Sad to hear that dkb_nin, but I do know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. Some people (me included) tend to think this exam through a little off from what Comptia wants. I have heard many say that they found the exam very easy and others state exactly the opposite so it really does make it difficult to judge. For myself, until I met Sec+ I had never failed an exam in my life (unfortunately that also included a paternity test icon_redface.gif ) until I hit this one. Although I have a reasonable understanding of the subject matter and can pass any of the exam sims in the mid to high 90% range both times I sat this I missed by 2 then 1 question. As to why - I think it is perhaps that I do not feel comfortable in the exam rooms provided at my local test centre.
    What I do know is that I will go back and face this beast until I subdue it - then I will move along to something else that interests me.
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    icon_mad.gif Sorry to hear that. I have the test scheduled for sat. I tried to reschedule it for next month on-line, but something is not working on the PearsonVue site and I contacted them online only to hear they will get back to me in a few days.... grrr...

    So as unprepared as I feel (which is before every test) if I can not get it rescheduled I will be taking it. I bought the PrepLogic study Practice Exams and range from 75% to 90% depending on the subject matter, so I am busting my butt to try and cram down as much material in the areas I am lacking.
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