CISSP Study Begins

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Hello Community, I'm on my way to study for the CISSP.
I have the following material:
Shon Harris AIO 6th, CD
Eric Conrad 11th Hour
CBT Nuggets
CCCURE website.

This will be my third time taking the exam. I plan on taking the exam in April. I hope 3rd times a charm. icon_study.gif
I will fit my CISSP Study in with my daily life activities. Any extra help will be great.


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    Great to hear that you are attempting the test for the 3rd time and not giving up. you might want to share your experience and the approach you took on the first two tries then maybe we can assist you and provide some kind of guidance. Also, read all the "passed" threads on this site. Those two books you mentioned are great. Good luck.
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    I've attached a copy of my study plan.
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    Hope i will pass my exam tomorrow
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    Also hope you are aware exam changes after 15-apr-15.
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    Wish you the best.....
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    May want to add Eric Conrad's 11th Hour Study Guide....summarizes the concepts really well.
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    I thought they were just re-organizing the chapters and not modifying the exam in itself...
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    I think since you've already taken the exam twice and should already have had good exposure to the material, that your study list of materials is too much. The AIO just has so much info and is so verbose. I would honestly just use both of Eric Conrad's books (CISSP Study Guide and CISSP 11th Hour). The CISSP Study Guide is much more concise and to the point than the AIO. And the 11th Hour is even more condensed and covers what you need to know to the point. I used only those two books during my prep. What I would do is drop the AIO and use the CISSP Study Guide. I'd probably also drop the CCCURE questions and instead use the time spent on that to instead keep re-reading the 11th Hour.
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    Good luck in your quest.
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