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Hello All! I'm taking Security+ on the 30th and I have a few questions about studying in the final stretch.

1. I'm worried about the simulation questions. I've completed Darril Gibson's book, but most of the testing in the book is multiple choice. Is there a good resource that gets semi close to possible simulation questions?

2. I've completed studying for the 301 exam but then discovered that I had missed the end of the cert and now have to take 401. Is there a resource that summarizes the differences between the two exams? (More than CompTIA's objectives page)

Any comments are welcome, thanks in advance.


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    Hi pizza! I'm currently studying for 401 myself, and I was kinda of in your situation myself. I was studying for 301 before, but I stopped about half way through Darril's book I didn't mind restarting since I enjoyed the reinforcement of the information. If you want would you could do is just get the kindle version of Darril's new version of the book and skim through it to see how he covers the new objectives. It is very similar, and I am only 2 chapters in and can already tell the differences on whats added, and what was taken away. As far as the simulation questions go to Get Certified Get Ahead | Helping people Get Certified so that they can Get Ahead in their careers.. This is Darril's website where he goes into more detail on the simulation questions, and if you rent the practice questions ($30.00 for 30 days) it include over 400 practice questions along with 6 sets of simulation questions.
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