Another RHCSA passed

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I passed the RHCSA 6 with a 270/300. There is obviously limited information that I can provide, but I will talk briefly about my background and studying.

I made the career change to the IT field in November 2013. Previous to getting my first job, I passed the A+ and Network+. I contracted for the first 8 months as Help Desk support. I was later promoted to System Administrator in 2014. I would say that October 2014 was the first time I started getting hands on with production Linux servers. I had been playing around with Linux for the last year - mostly setting up LAMP servers and the like. This experience was definitely helpful during the RHCSA.

I used Michael Jang's RHCSA/RHCE book. I read all of the RHCSA chapters and completed all of the labs. The practice exams were quite helpful as well. I'd say that I probably spent about a month a half studying, took a month and a half hiatus (terrible), and then picked up studying again the week prior to the test. I'd say that about 30% of my time is spent on Linux admin work, so it's not like I was getting too rusty in the time off.

Make sure that you are comfortable with ALL objectives. You don't know what ones you might get. There were no major surprises. I probably could have walked out in an hour and a half, but I spent quite a bit of time restarting and rechecking each objective. Likewise, there was one that I got stuck on that I spent a while troubleshooting and trying to read documentation.

As we all know, it is passable for anyone who puts in the time to study and practice in their home lab. Repetition is everything. I practiced standing up VMs many times. Most Linux admins probably won't have too much trouble with it, but you might see from the objectives aren't always performed daily by every Linux admin.


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    Congratulations on passing the exam !!!
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    Congrats on the pass! I plan on sitting for the exam next month.
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    Congrats on the pass! Your post is very inspiring, especially for those new Linux newcomers. Now you're really tempting me to pick up a voucher for version 6, but I want to try version 7.
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    Well done - congratulations.
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    :study:Reading: CCNP Route FLG, Routing TCP/IP Vol. 1
    SWITCH [x] ROUTE [ ] TSHOOT [ ] VCP6-NV [ ]
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    Congrats on the pass, I am still thinking if go in that route.

    Computer Support Houston Area:
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    Congrats. Welcome to the Redhat club.
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    Congrats on passing. RHCSA is on my to do list as well.
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    Congratulations on the pass! :D
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    Now you're really tempting me to pick up a voucher for version 6, but I want to try version 7.

    Remember that if you buy a voucher by the end of the February, you should have a full year to take the exam. I want to learn more about RHEL 7, but realistically it will not be used much in production at my work for at least a couple of years. Most of our servers are still RHEL 5. I'd rather master RHEL 6, which will still receive patches for the next 5-6 years, and then start learning more about RHEL 7 in my free time, or when I anticipate that the need for it is close. The SCL repos prevent most of the reasons why we would use RHEL 7 in our environment right now.

    Thank you all and best of luck to those who are taking the exam soon. I started studying for the RHCE today and I think I'l be purchasing a RHCE 6 voucher to take within the next year.
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