2008 or 2012?

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Hi all,
Can anyone please tell me ,what will be the problem if I pursue the MCITP papers 640,642 and 646 papers & pass it? Will Microsoft retire both the certificate as well as the individual papers? It is so clumsy... why did Microsoft still keep the 640,642 and 646 papers alive when it has retired the MCITP certification? Then again people say now I will get MCSA 2008 after passing the 3 papers but that will also go since MS will retire those cert & papers before this year or 2016(not sure).
So why dont Microsoft makes a clear press release to all students pursuing this costly courses ,the books are so costly too,that will go down the drain if MS keeps only 2012 alive by the end of this year.What about those who are pursuing 2008 papers??
Also,I feel studying 2008 is more comfortable and easier and enjoyable than studying 2012 ,which seems robotic and very mechanical.The books are not written well on 2012 and the steps are as clumsy as MS policy.
Hope friends will share their own views here .

With Best Regards
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