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hello first thanks for your study notes nad questions, they are a good practice.
well, i am about to take the a+ core hardware exam, i have some questions of compatibility that i didnt find in google icon_confused.gif :

a processor that supports L2 cache of 1MB for example, can be used in a motherboard with 512KB of L2 cache?,

if i have a microprocessor that supports more faster fsb speed than the motherboard ... will it work ?

and the maximum clock speed of the microprocessor can generate troubles too?

in conclusion what factors i need to look for installing a new procesor? I read that because the motherboard gives the clock speed, fsb speed and l2 cache to the processor it will just work with the capabilities of the motherboard but I also read that because of these features the processor could not work in the motherboard ....and that got me confused icon_confused.gif , wich is true?

also with RAMs, if the motherboard doesn't support a DDR 400 for example, if I install a module of that type will it work with the capabilities of the motherboard(DDR266 for example) or not?

sorry for ask a lot of questions but i cant find that anywhere ...

thank you!
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