Passed CISSP!

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Finally, I've put this beast to rest; I'll keep this short and concise:


  • Eric Conrad CISSP Study Guide
  • Eric Conrad 11th Hour
  • Shon Harris CISSP All-in-One
  • Darril Gibson CISSP Rapid Review

Practice Exams:

  • studIScope
  • Total Tester
  • Practice exams in books above


  • Keith Barker - CBT Nuggets


  • As many have said before, this is a management-centric exam. Factor in budget, communication, and organizational goals into your answer selection process.
  • Know your concepts: Why was this created? What did it supersede and why?
  • Re-read the questions. Re-read the questions. Re-read the questions.
  • Simulations will probably be more challenging then you think. Focus on the question and tune out the noise.
  • Schedule your exam in advance. Your testing centers may be more booked than you anticipate.

With all that being said, that's a wrap. I'm so looking forward to getting my nights and weekends back (at least for now)...


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