nat traversal codec question

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recently as part of a lab scenario myself and another forum member made some test calls between our call managers over the internet after pointing our dial peers at each other. no issues when we both used g711 and g728, but with g729 we could only get signaling to work and not rtp.

all things being equal (dial peer/ nat / acl rules) does g729 need some additional config that g711 / g728 does not for it to work?

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    I thought it was only g711alaw that worked for us consistently with both voip and analog phones? With the other codecs the analog phone would have audio but the ip phones wouldn't? We should lab it up again sometime.
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    Hi. No, pretty sure both 711 codecs and 728 worked when it was analog to analog. Now, when it was analog to voip on your side vs analog to analog on both sides that's another variable :)
    2015 goals - ccna voice / vmware vcp.
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