Advise on book for network + studying for exam

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I have a book "Network+ Certification by Tim Hoffman, Kostya Ryvkin and Dave Houde. Would anyone recommend this book for the network+ test from experience of the authors or do you recommend another book?

Any help is appreciated.



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    if you already have the book...use it.

    Meyers or the Sybex text would be my first choices, followed by a cram book or passport. However, my first stop would be the objectives from CompTIA...A+, NET+ and SEC+ really are exams one can research their own material and with their experience (as experience is recommended for all three certificates) pass the exams just fine.

    How long have you worked with the technology you plan to test on? When do you plan to take your exam?
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    todd lammel Network+ book. good book, use his book for my ccent also and my will be buying his ccna book soon
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    I worked as an IT systems administrator for 3 years. I transferred from doing accounting to IT. I have some experience, but its been about 5 years ago.
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