Questions on setting up a Virtual box lab for the 70-410

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I turned off the Windows firewall So I watched the eli computer guy setting up a home lab video.

I bought another router to connect to my ISP router.

On my lab router..
I set WAN IP to the same subnet as my ISP router.
I set the LAN router to a different subnet as my ISP, so that it would simulate an internal network.

On the lab router I turned off DHCP, this will be handled by the server.
I’m using Virtual Box
I set adapter 1 as internal
I set adapter 2 Bridged

So far the internet isn’t working on the lab servers.
I checked google and the tips I found didn’t work.
My lab router is wired to my computer.
My ISP router has a wireless connection to my computer.
The only way I can get this to work is by setting adapter 1 and 2 to bridge mode and enabling adapter 2 on the server.

I added the DNS and DHCP role
I verified the windows firewall was turned off
I setup a static IP address

Anyone have any tips for getting virtual box setup so that you can network a domain?

Also, how did you setup your lab network?

Every tip I read says adapter one should be set to internal
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    Does this sound right for your setup?

    (VMs)--on--> [LAB Computer]----Connected to-->(LAN Router)----Connected to by WAN port to---> (Primary Router)

    Lets ignore the VMs for now now, Can your Lab computer ping the gateway address on you Primary router?
    Can a Computer plugged into your primary router ping your Lab Computer?

    I'm going to guess the answer is no to both of these. You will need to add static routes in your primary router in order to reach your lab Lan subnet.

    Ive set up this exact setup up in my own lab before, most home routers will not know how to reach your Lab lan with out specifically setting static routes.

    Not sure how to config your routers you will have to figure that out, but here is a write up on the issue:
    Linking Subnets with Static Routes - DD-WRT Wiki
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    You might try GNS3 (graphical network simulator). It integrates with Virtual box. I do all my labbing using that, and it's great.


    How to ingegrate:

    The only difficult part is finding router images and configuring the router if you need it.

    There're a lot of tutorials available for GNS3. I can't recommend it enough as a lab environment.
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