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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had a chance to review the new CCNP 2.0 books OCG and FLG. Was wondering which one is good for completing the 2.0 route exam.



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    I took the old exam, so I can't say how good the new book is for the new exam. That said, I read the ROUTEv2 OCG and the main deficiency I found with it was in coverage of IPv6 migration techniques. I don't remember any mention of 6to4 or ISATAP tunnels. I had to go to the old FLG, which I also had for that information (I came across questions about it on the Boson practice exam).

    [EDIT] The coverage of other topics [along with Chris Bryant's videos] was more than sufficient for the old ROUTE, except for VPN. I wouldn't fault it for that since the new 300-101 does not list any VPN configuration except for GRE. I wonder if they removed most of the VPN material as they did with the Wireless and Voice topics on the new SWITCH.
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    I just sat ROUTEv1 and failed. Extremely frustrated as I've been studying for months. Now I have to buy materials for the V2 exams and would like a comparison as well however, I believe these exams are to new to do any resource comparisons. That said, I took a look at the new ROUTE blueprint and decided to go with the 300-101 ROUTE FLG. It seems to cover everything and these are known to go into more detail than OCG...[h=1][/h]
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