Did great on my 220-801 today, but something is making me worried...

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So, I did great on my 801 today. Passed it with flying colors. I suffer from OCD and anxiety and something has been troubling me.

As you know, when you walk into the secure testing area, you are given a lamenated paper and marker to write on. I was not told by the proctor if I had to wait until the test started to jot a few things down. My professor even told me I could take a few minutes to write some stuff down before I began the exam.

Anyways, I did. I spent maybe 5 minutes just jotting a few things down on the paper before I began my examination. Funny enough, I didn't even need what I wrote down. Now, because of my anxiety, I've gone online looking if it was ok to do this. I went from having an absolute amazing day, because this is what I've worked the past 4 and a half months for, to being on the verge of crying.

I even went back and looked at the CompTIA Candidate Agreement, and no where does it say that I must wait for the exam to start before I can use the provided lamenated paper and marker, only that I do so in the secure testing area only, which I did.

Am I ok? Did I do anything wrong? Today was supposed to be a good day, but this wondering is driving me crazy. Thanks everyone.

I've been fretting over stupid crap. I've read many, many cases where people have done the same. I would have had plenty of time on the test left had I started before I wrote. The proctor never informed me of this, and I did what I thought was ok. On to the 802, this time I won't use the damn laminated paper.


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    If they didn't say anything at the testing center then don't worry.
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    If nobody said anything to you at the testing center don't worry about it. The most they would have done is tell you to wait. Congrats!
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    I've done this before as well, it's not a concern, as long as you're not manually transcribing from a book or something, and you're in the testing room, with all of your pockets emptied, etc. I'd say go for it.

    that being said, I hate the paper/marker combo they employ, and would rather have lined paper and a pencil or something....

    best of luck on your 802, and congrats on your 801 :D
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    Thanks you guys so much, I really appreciate it. Yeah, I didn't write on it until I was seated at my station, spent a very short time writing before I began, and was told nothing by anyone. I'm very proud of my score, I've spent the past 4 months preparing for this. Thank you again, on to the 802 next week!
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    Congrats on the 801 and good luck on the 802. I'm taking them very soon. I'm a bit nervous. Studying and taking as many practice tests as possible.
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    You didn't do anything wrong. In several books that I have read, by different authors, they mention to take the time right before the exam to "****" everything you can think of from memory onto the laminate. I have found this very helpful for the network+ and Sec+ exams. The other exams, not so much. Even if you don't get any questions that require you to refer to your "****" sheet, it is still a good idea just in case. Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats!!! Don't worry about it; I think everyone does that! icon_rolleyes.gif What can they say - "Hey stop cheating from your brain!"? icon_cool.gif

    No scratch paper allowed using ProctorU though!
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    Pretty common from what I gather. I dropped the multiples of 16 through 254 onto the laminate along with cidr notation of everything from /9 - /30. It made the subnetting portion of the CCENT much easier.
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    Awesome result, good luck on 802. how hard is the exam? i doing my next week
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