PASSED, but still a little unhappy and confused?

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O.K, I know this may sound stupid, and ecspecially to some people who have failed the exam. But when i found out that I only got a 700 I was a little dissapointed.

I studied for about 2 weeks, and sat a course, i knew the stuff backwards and as I was sitting the exam i was thinking that i would be close to getting all the questions right. When I hit complete and saw the 700, I was a little confused.

Did anyone else feel like this?

It upsets you to, because you really want to know what you got wrong, and all you get is a rough idea of what section you were wrong. Oh well!!

From my experience, which was last friday-
-They were very heavy on 2000. About 50% of my questions was referring to 2000 PRO.
-Make sure you study the system requirements, i went roughly over it, but didn't really take it all in, and got two questions on it.



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    What materials did you use to study from?

    What methods of study also?
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    Congrats on the pass. Comptia is known for having questions that you answer with the "most logical" answer, but they want the "Comptia answer". Either way, a pass is pass.
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    I used the computerprep study books, 2 volumes. I also sat a five day course. As funny as it sounds i also used a A+ for dummies guide that i found on the internet. Its a small guide that covers both hardware and software, but it highlights key points that you may run into on the exam, and sure enough i did.

    I remember when i sat my hardware, i used the guide and they made a note of the class of fire extinguisher you should use to put out a computer fire.

    Sure enough im sitting my exam, and what question should appear. I hadn't seen a refernce to this in any my other study books.

    Its funny how the little things you dont think seem important, end up being exactly what they want you to know.
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    youth doe watch tha........ah pass is ah pass........i remember i did the 70-292 and i hit it 700 on d nail.......icon_lol.gif u go make it up on another cert :)
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    Ricka182 wrote:
    Congrats on the pass. Comptia is known for having questions that you answer with the "most logical" answer, but they want the "Comptia answer". Either way, a pass is pass.

    Usually a pass will indicate the candiate has compentancy in the exam area, not a master of it. And as Ricka182 mentioned, the answer needs to reflect "CompTIA's" most logical answer not necessarily what you do in the field. And sometmes in the field 2-3 things happen simultaneously so it's challenging to quantify which goes 'first'.

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    CONGRATZ - a pass is a pass............just review the areas you had trouble in
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