how to block virtual wifi network adaptor

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Dear Users.
i have one question about connectify hotspot ( a virtual wifi adaptor). actually we dont want that our employees use internet on there mobiles during work. before we blocked the mac address of there mobiles, but now they have installed connectify hotspot software which share the internet connection on PC with mobile, here we can not do anything because if we block the mac address of the computer it is not possible because they have to be online for work purpose. is there any way that we could block the application viber because all of them use viber.

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    why do your users have the right to install software (including modified drivers) like connectify? create a GPO to stop them from installing software, and then forcible remove the software from all PCs.
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    Thanks a lot for you answer i will try this one . and one thing is it possible to block the viber from router filteration option because there you can block the specific ip addresses. anyway thanks a lot
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    Thanks h3 for your suggestion actually at the moment we are using windows 7. but i am learning server 2008 r2 as i get some good grip on server sure we will implement the server 2008. actually our company data is so sensitive that we can,t employee someone for computer section. all our business is just our data. in past we employed two times two different persons both of them stole our company data and opens there own comapnies and now we can not risk it.......anyway thanks a lot for your suggestion
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    sounds like your company needs a Legal arm, and you need to have your employees sign some Non-competes/NDAs. what you previously described is basically corporate espionage, and you could sue the pants off of either prior employee's company should you have legal precedence and proof of them stealing the information from your company. (assuming they had some sort of policy/procedure violation due to taking corporate IP offsite without authorization/etc.)
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