Failed Intro with 778. Sigh.

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Hi guys,
I sat the intro exam a few days ago, and failed with a 778. I had 44 questions. I've used wendell odem, transcender and to study. here's the breakdown of the score.

Design and support 75%
Implementation and operation 75%
technology 54%

I found that the gaps in my knowledge are due to lack of on the job experience. I've heard of these **** and **** products. I am considering using those to fill the gaps in my knowledge. Are these legitimate? are these what they call braindumps?

What do you guys suggest I do. I am oh so close, just need that extra little push.



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    Hey jus keep at it u know ur weak area so jus go through all the necessary stuff, the sybex study guide or fast pass are good books to try, i have always wondered what braindumps are myself but if its an easy way out i would suggest not taking it cuz it would be better to earn it and that way you will at least know what u r doing when ur on the job. im gonna take 640-801 myself soon i hope it doesnt turn out that the two exam approach is better, goodluck
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    hey dont let it get you down i failed it with a 821 out of 825 on the 5th... I just went home took a few days off from studying and got back to it after the weekend, took it the 16th and passed with a 931. So give it a few days to digest, I think that was a big problem, I studied sooo hard and so much RIGHT till test time, and I probably confused my self. So Id just wait a little pick that book right back up read it once more, few practice tests and go for it!
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    Thanks for the support guys. takin a lil break and will get back on it in a couple days. Thanks for the support. will update when i pass. icon_wink.gif

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    Meant to reply to this awhile ago, just got to it...

    Keep your head up and get back to the basics....Know how it all works...I know that is a broad statement, but if you know how it works, it will make those questions seem much more easy to answer..

    Keep at it....Even the some of the best have failed the first time...
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