Issues with changing directory.

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I attached a print screen to show my commands and I work of material I find online. I shoudl be able to move around with what I did. Can someoene please enlighten me and tell me what I am doing wrong.


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    your screen capture is impossible to read, sorry, could you provide a better version of it? (it's currently a screenshot of a screenshot).

    I assume you're using ls to list the directories, and I see some light blue/cyan directories, those are symbolic links, and may point you to locations you didn't quite expect to end up. Furthermore you may not have the permissions to look inside of certain directories, but you will recieve an error message if you attempt to cd into those.
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    Would love to help, but we can't see the screenshot. The attachment's too small.

    If I have to take a wild guess why you can't change directory, it's probably due to incorrect permission set on the directory. You need to set the 'x' bit for all (user,group, and other) on that directory.
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    Sorry , I resized it in gimp and paint and it won't appear larger. I have never messed with editing images. I have only taken 5 pictures in 10 years on a cellphone. Ugh....the force is nto with me today.
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    Try uploading your screenshot to Imgur and post the link to the image here. It's quicker and easier. No registration/login needed.
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    From zooming in while hardly understanding what is shown there, I managed to identify commands such as
    cd / linux
    where were you trying to change directory to? that is an invalid cd parameter.
    you could run any of the following based on your output:
    cd /
    cd /root
    cd /usr
    cd /lib
    cd /opt
    cd /etc
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    I liked figuring things out and I came to the conclusion that I was brain farting on / and /root. I was trying to change directories from files in /root to / and back and forth and couldn't do it. I even tried absolute paths. I should check my syntax.
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    I was using the wrong syntaxbetween / and /root/.

    Thanks for listening.
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