New CEH version?

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I'm hearing rumors of a new CEH version coming out, no info on a release date. Anyone heard anything similar?


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    I'll defer this question to the Lead CEH Evangelist: Colemic :p
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    I'll defer this question to the Lead CEH Evangelist: Colemic :p

    .... wait a minute, I thought you were the Lead CEH Evangelist?
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    Didn't they just go from 7 to 8 a little while ago?
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    A new CEH exam version is released every 18 months or so. The previous version is typically available for 9 months after the new version is released.

    CEHv9 may take a little longer to release if ECC is significantly overhauling the question pool so people will start to take the CEH cert seriously.
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    Is getting the CEH worth it if I already have the CISSP-ISSEP and do more of a managerial/project lead role? I don't want to go back to pentesting, vulnerability scanning, etc....but do believe it's important to understand the concept and theories before delegating to others. My concern is maybe I need a refresher but not necessarily get the cert.
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    MMM. I'd say no. You can do research to shore up weaknesses in your understanding. I don't think it is nessesary to go through a complete program for you.
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    I spoke with account reps and they have been telling me to wait on my vouchers from our class purchases saying a new one is suspected for release after March and that this would be a great thing for me, i.e. them because they want to sell the upgraded training packages with the voucher. From what I'm being told it will not be far off from the prior release of v8 though. mainly because of all the changes they have introduced in all their curriculum already and need to have everyone on the same page since thy share most content between programs and likely just a v9 update to make further money for the time being. It's all a joke in InfoSec it seems and should just stick with the CISSP unless you know the organization you want into takes SANS GIAC's or more advanced less known certs OSCP and the actual exams we all know that test practical uses and knowledge, but the rest of the world fails to know this and fall back to the CISSP as your core. Also PCI related I see a lot of request for mainly in our Midwest due to the finical district and big 3 requiring it.

    In my experience with this organization and watching it grow over the years it has been aggressively more so then others about the money look at their creation of non profits to gain tax free shelters to help others persue security pffft, they only would participate once receiving 501 c classification. All your certs are build off 2 core ones and modules are reused all over and billed the same 3000+ per courses they don't care about certified quality rather they wanted to push their EC Master School through to mimic SAN's revenue and also Cert revenue.

    Also working with them and their certs and various programs and training options for users and staff, they were about the $$$, i can't take notes on a digital pdf at all and the dang things are impossible to scroll at the speed of the video due to maybe 5 lines of content per page due to crazy colors and extra crap i can't even read. But i can buy a manual for $800 as an add on if I wanted a printed copy... No if that's the best you'll offer then you lose individuals from my organization pursuing your certification paths as this was bs. esp that i can't get a single printout or way to study at my pace and how I study best by killing tress, then why would I sponsor 10 extra staff, and why wouldn't you have just gave me the onsite instructor training which would have been less since the 800$ book is included and printed out.. sure i could go find a pirated copy, but that's not how I do things either, tempting though after telling us to test our labs day 1 but then when I get to the labs they are expired already as its a 6 month extension but training is a full yr in the package....
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    How did I miss them gem... ROFL :)

    Seriously, it's easy for anyone to be snarky: as long as the cost of the test is so high, and they have the hideous application fee, (in my eyes) it hurts their professional stature. JMO though.

    but, if they are improving it... good for them. I can't fault a better, (hopefully more secure) test that is more relevant.

    cyberguypr wrote: »
    I'll defer this question to the Lead CEH Evangelist: Colemic :p
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