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Someone out there who's taken the BCSI this year could please help. I've learnt that IS-IS has actually been off the list of CCNP topics starting January. I have verified that this is true in the case of CCIE but i am not sure if I should focus less on IS-IS as a result for my CCNP. Has anyone come across questions on IS-IS in their BCSI exam this year. Any help will be much appreciated as preparing for something that is not necessary for the exam would just be a waste, considering I probably wont encounter IS-IS. .ever



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    dimitreey wrote:
    I've learnt that IS-IS has actually been off the list of CCNP topics starting January.
    Its still on the blueprint for the exam - don't study it at your own risk.

    Describe and implement integrated IS-IS
    • Describe the foundational concepts, features, and benefits of integrated IS-IS operation
    • Describe and configure NET addressing
    • Configure and verify multi-area integrated IS-IS

    Just because someone you know doesn't remember their test questions, or got lucky and didn't get that many hard questions on a topic doesn't mean its off the test.

    The blueprint itself is just a vague guide to the content of the tests, since they clearly state "other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam."
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    Yeah your'e probably right Mikey! I was just expecting to find responses from people saying that they know it positively. but i still should not gamble with my exam. so i will get started on the ISIS soon
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    No future in the ISP business? ^^
    I would definately study it anyway. I'd expect to see it in other exams outside of the CCNP.

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    I would study it..... And it was only removed from the R/S CCIE....You can face it on others. Also, if you go on to do Juniper, you will be happy that you took the time to learn it.


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    I would study it in depth, one of the Guys I work with sat the exam a few weeks ago and said he got loads of IS-IS questions. And to top it all off one of his 2 sims involved IS-IS
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