Failed CCNP 642-813 preparing for 300-115

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So earlier this week I failed the CCNP switch-813 exam . I suspect there may be some other forum members who started but did not complete the previous series before the deadline. After taking a few days off from studying this week I am starting to plan my strategy to prepare for the new test series.

For anyone else in a similar position you can find a brief explanation of the "key" differences here.
Some quick googling turned up a few relevant cisco pages for the newly added topics.

Switch Administration Domain: configure and verify SDM templates
Understanding and Configuring Switching Database Manager on Catalyst 3750 Series Switches - Cisco
Configuring Access Switch Device Manager Template on the Cisco ASR 903 Router - Cisco

Verify Trunking Domain:
Understanding VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) - Cisco
Catalyst 6500 Release 12.2SX Software Configuration Guide - VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) [Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches] - Cisco

Configure and verify SPAN and RSPAN

Describe Chassis Virtualization and Aggregation :Stackwise
Creation and Management of Catalyst 3750 Switch Stacks - Cisco

Previously during my CCNA studies I had read both Sybex CCENT and CCNA books by Todd Lammel and I cannot say enough good things about it. The CCNP 642-813 official cert guide was my first CISCO press book and I found it a little more difficult to get into.

This brings me to my dilemma. I already have the CCNP official certification guide for the 600 series. I am planning to attempt switch again. Based on the differences above it really sounds as if they removed more topics then they have added for Switch. I would hate to buy another 50 dollar book when 16 of the 18 chapters will be identical.

Does anyone have experience with the new official Cert Guide would it be worth the purchase?
I am also curious if anyone has read both the Cert Guide and the Foundations Series?
Lastly if anyone else knows of any other books outside of Cisco Press that should be considered?


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    They removed Voice, Wireless, VACLs, and PACLs per a chart posted on Cisco Learning (I think you have the same chart in one of your links). As for changes --

    Configure and Verify (New)

    SDM Templates
    Err-disable Recovery
    Extended VLANs
    Etherchannel Misconfiguration Guard
    Storm Control (this might have been included under the previous "security implementation plan" topic, but it wasn't explicitly mentioned)

    Describe (New)

    AAA (Using TACACS+ and RADIUS)
    Local Privilege Authorization Fallback


    All Mentions of Planning (Determine Network Resources, Implementation Plan, Verification Plan, etc...)
    Port ACLs (PACLs)
    Voice (except for configuring a voice VLAN)

    Most of the new topics aren't difficult at all. I'm not quite sure what "Local Privilege Authorization Fallback" is exactly as I have found ZERO mentions of it in Google, outside of the Cisco exam topics. Though, I would guess they just mean using locally configured privilege levels in case Authorization can't be performed by a AAA server.
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    BTW, I get all my books from now. They run sales all the time, which makes them cheaper even with 2-Day or Overnight shipping than Amazon Prime. I bought the 300-115 OCG when it first came. I believe I received 50% off the list price.

    Save up to 50% in the Cisco Press New Year's Sale
    Sale prices below reflect 50% discount when three or more eligible titles are purchased in a single transaction using NEW2015 discount code.
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    Yeah, I am in the same boat. I failed 642-813 yesterday with a 770 and 790 is passing. Thanks for all of the links and clarification. I ordered my OCG from cisco press when I got back to the office and my Bryant videos auto update Monday for the new test, so I will be re-scheduling here shortly.
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    Don't forget to supplement your studies with videos. I believe both INE and CBT Nuggets has released training for the new stuff. That helped me a lot in my studies. I also recommend Rene Molenaar. His books get down to the nitty gritty of the material. That combination with labbing, you'll be unstoppable. It's what did it for me.
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    From the posts here it seems like the OCG is the way to go. I decided buying another 40-50 dollar book will be better then possibly failing a 250 dollar test. I will look into the video series while I wait for the new Switch book to get in. Chris Bryant videos on Udemy seem reasonably priced when on sale.

    Best of luck roberthock , I did not come quite so close as you, but still not that far off. If I keep going I am hoping to have it scheduled in another month.
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    I am in the same boat. I felt completly confident I would pass the switch exam but didn't quite get there. I also plan on buying the new OCG book as well just as mainly a rehash of the topics and to read about the new stuff. Acutally a lot of the new topics looks like stuff I do at work often so should be easy to learn on. CBT Nuggets looks like they have most of their new content out, odd though when I click on the 300-115 videos for Switch the series starts with Video 9? Not sure what that is all about...

    Also work is sending me to a Global Knowledge Class for the new switch test here locallay in March so I plan on basically making that my boot camp prep and taking the test within a week of the class. Plan is to have OCG fully read and reviewed / video content watched prior to the class.
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    The quick reference guides seem pretty good. I bought the electronic version of QRG for Route on Google Books for $10. Then I found the hard copy for all three books in one (Route, Switch, TShoot) for $60 and included Pearson practice exam. I still may get the Switch in electronic form on Google books as it has been convenient having the guide available on my droid and $10 isn't too much to ask.
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    Just to update I have finished the 300-115 book today. Just finished printing off the pdfs that came with it. One was on IPv6 and another on EIGRP which did come up on my last attempt. I am a little behind schedule on my personal timetable. Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing chapters and Labs before the next test.

    I have also been watching Chris Bryant video series off of Udemy I would say it is comparable in quality to previous CBT Nugget videos I have watched. I also prefer the shorter 15-20 minutes focused on particular tasks as possessed to 45-55 min CBT Nugget videos
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    EIGRP on switch exam?
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    Danman32 wrote: »
    EIGRP on switch exam?

    Very basic...If you earned your CCNA it should be no problem.
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