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Did you guys feel that the 90 minutes was enough time for the Network+ exam? For the simulations, do you get partial credit for the sims or does everything have to be working to get full credit? I really have no idea what to expect with the sims but I am assuming it asks you configure networks and such so would you get credit for starting the right steps but not being able to completely configure the network?


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    quickman007quickman007 Member Posts: 195
    I don't know how the scoring works for the sims, but 90 minutes was more than enough. I finished in less than an hour.
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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    No specific information about scoring will be published, anything you read will purely be a guess - that comes from CompTIA - they will not discuss scoring.

    Some questions have more point value weight than others, and some questions are not scored (Beta questions) when they add those type of questions to exams to track knowledge of candidates and how a new question will play out in the next exam version.

    Aside from this, 90 minutes on CompTIA exams is usually excessive. CompTIA has examples of their questions on their website, have you looked there yet? Our members cannot (and should not) be discussing their exam contents with anyone. We do not encourage it, and we definitely do not permit it on this board. Doing so violates the NDA each of us signs when we take our exam, and therefore we would never encourage anyone to lose their certification over something so trivial.

    Feel free to ask about clarification about topics in our forum, but do not ask our members to divulge their experiences of their specific exam - as they agreed they'd not do such a thing.

    CompTIA has done a fine job spelling out all the details on their exams as well as providing very concise copies of their exam objectives on their website. Please check there for exam specifics, but ask your content questions (such as "can someone explain peer-to-peer networks" or the like) in the forum.
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