Discount vouches for NetAcad - One for CCNA 2 completion and another for CCNA 4?

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Hello all,

Last May I got a discount voucher after I finished CCNA 4, and I used it for the composite exam. Last night I got an email saying I was eligible for an ICND1 discount voucher. I completed CCNA 2 that same semester. Was this just a delay on NetAcad's part?

I noticed a couple days ago that I got an email saying I got a "Pass" status for CCNA 2, but I assumed it was because I logged back in to a CCNA 2 module well after the course ended, and the instructor wanted to make it so that I wouldn't show up in his current semester's course.

I am hoping people get a voucher for ICND1 after completing CCNA 2, and a voucher for the composite (or both ICND1 and ICND2) after CCNA 4. Normally this wouldn't concern me but the fine print says that I could receive a lifetime ban on Cisco exams if I try to re-use a legitimate voucher. Perhaps someone here has gone through a similar thing? I have sent off an email to NetAcad support, but was wondering if I could get any input in the meantime.

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    You should ask your teacher.

    Mine told me that, until he closed the course on Netacad, no vouchers would be sent. Probably your teacher forgot to close it and you received it when he did. For CCNA you receive 3 vouchers, but can use only up to two of them. Either you get the ICND1 and ICND2 discounts, or get the composite discount.

    Hope it helped!
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