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Big Thanks to my manager for extra ordinary support.
Thanks to wife and family members for support. Many pending jobs on hold due to exam.
This Forum for notes and fail stories to put more efforts.

Exam Center

India- Delhi - Pearson Vue Professional Center.
Location & Facilities : Excellent, No parking issue, Metro connectivity, comfortable chairs,22" Monitor,ear plugs,well maintained HVAC, Very professional Staff.
Exam Admin: individual audio video recording and monitoring, Palm vein scanning during every break,two photo id proof, no belongings except passport and locker key. Jackets to be placed in hanger. No food material allowed during exam except water. laminated sheets with ohp marker

Study material used:
AIO -- default book no second thought. Even good for knowledge.
Conrad both books including 11th hour(safari books company account).
mhprofessional free practice exams -- excellent/must
Pearson question book
mhprofession audio -- excellent/must
Sunflower notes.-- superb
combined notes-- superb

1. started with combined notes and sunflower to understand areas require more attention.
2. used mh audio for first go.
3. just one go with AIO. Dont try to digest the complete book/concept just read.
4. Again go with combined notes.
5. used conrad book for Architecture and crypto -- sufficient for exam.
6. Go with mhprofessional tests and cccure.org tests.
7. week before exam Question book - Pearson.
8. 2 days before exam one read -- 11th hour book.
9. Go through combined note 3 hours before exam -- just flashing view.
10. Exam become third party auditor and think what management should do in dealing with situation
11. Most(power n times) important Read question two times. like what is expected ALE or SLE. Dont just try to implement formula/concept. Think logically and answer.
12. Go through all images in AIO.

Exam time

5hrs 50minutes

Thoughts during exam
30 min-- fail
1hr-- go slow-- more focus may change the picture
2hr-- only 70 questions. now do it fast
3hr- speed on track
4hr- again go fast
after 5hrs --- 30 questions to go. feeling 70/30 somehow better but battery down specially with type II diabetes. Suddenly straight questions started(simpler compared to first 30 minutes).
5hr 30 min-- started review with 90.10. 15 min review.


Not like PMP. PMP congratulations on screen here result not displayed on test screen. Complete review.End exam on your test machine and come out. Again get your both palm scanned,get your passport verified. Collect your belonging from locker,Jacket from hanger. Now TA placed the result sheet on the table face down. No expressions.



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    Congrats.....what are your plans now?
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    Congrats well done!
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    Congratulations on passing your CISSP, and welcome to the club :D
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    2015 Goals: Masters in Cyber Security
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    Hi Naveen,

    I booked my exam online using this link:
    (ISC)2 :: Pearson VUE

    Best of luck for your exam.

    -- sanji
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    Congratulations. on your achievement.
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