SBS 2003 Migration to Srv2012R2

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Hello TE!

I am working with a client and am running into conflicting information. A IT manager is planning on retiring their old SBS2003 to SRV2012R2. Thing is, they want to move the AD accounts to the new server. I was told that a new domain should be created. I also found articles from Technet suggesting to join the 2012 SRV to the domain, migrate FSMO roles and replicate users, and then deprecate the old server and retire after migrating data.

But I was also told, and found, that people manually move over accounts, do a fresh domain, and join the computers to the domain as well. The IT manager wants it to be as if the server was never changed out, all shortcuts and share drives remain the same. I understand for share drives to use robocopy and migrate the data.

Will computers need to rejoin the domain if I create the SAME domain from scratch? Will their profiles stay the same or will I have to transfer data over from the old profiles to the new under the SAME domain name? Share drive mapping should be taken care of by logon scripts.

Any ideas/help?

Kindly doing the needful


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