The Chris Bryant CCNA boot camp videos

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About a couple of weeks ago, someone posted that Chris Bryant was having a sale on his Udemy CCNA vid boot camp lectures. They are good and well worth the money. HOWEVER!!! He does not touch RSTP with a ten foot pole and I'm kinda stunned. I would think that even the GURUS around would agree with me that this should have been included--just for the difference between STP PVST port states and timers. But I be just a lowly CCENT so maybe RSTP ain't on ICND2. I could be wrong.

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    You are correct. You will find RSTP in SWITCH of the CCNP exams. It operates quite a bit differently than traditional PVST+. Chris's CCNP vids will definitely cover that if you want to check them out :D
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    But Jeremy from CBT Nugget touched RSTP and explained it quiet BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!!!

    With that being said I HAD TO WATCH STP like 3 times to understand it, and when i did it was awesome.

    NOW frame relay had my brain hurting badly. Like i get frame relay sorta kinda but ugh my brain hurts thinking about it. UGHHHH back to the books until i understand it well.

    I did love FHRP... was easy to understand. :)
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