Implementing and Executing a Study Plan for 70-291

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I have just passed the 70-290, and I hit the ground running, now studying for the 70-291.

What I want to do is treat my study time the same way as I treat the test. I don't want to waste time, and I want to get it right the first time.

On to the plan...

I want to help create a framework for training for this test. Not just a study guide, but a study plan.


Microsoft Press Book 70-291.

Study Courses:
Testout Sim
and or
Real instructor led course

Practice exams:
Testout Testsim

This is a barebones list, but maybe we can add to it. What helped those who passed it?

What kind of test lab should be setup?

Also I want to address specific questions, like:

Should the server be dcpromo'd with active directory integrated DNS, or should DNS be installed afterwards to make it harder? Or both?

Those who have passed it would be able to recommend what material and study habits worked best for them. Maybe it could be a sticky. :)

Note: This does not make the test easier in any way. You will still have to study your behind off.
I tried...
I tried...
I tried...
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    Good to get a plan, yours looks fine .....

    One book may not be enough. I used Exam Cram 2 in addition to MS Press.
    Remember there are some serious ommissions from the MS Press book, SUS and Wireless (PEAP), maybe others, too ?
    Good to see Transcender tests there, get the latest ones as they have the proper SIMS in them.
    I have 4 servers in my test lab, but I think I only needed to use 2 for the labs.
    The MS-Press book tells you the order to do things in, but It is important to do the DCpromo at the right time. It sounds logical to do it after you have put on DNS then you'll know the difference between AD integrated and not.
    It's a big course, so I studied in chunks, I got through the DNS stuff and DHCP, then stopped and drilled that until it was part of my bloodstream, using the testing software (I used Wizlabs and measure-up as well)
    Then did routing/Ras, drilled that, then security, drilled that, then revised everything together.

    Hope this helps, very good luck to you, my friend.
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