What next after ... ?

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I recently completed the OSCP certification and found many post about it here. Globally it's good forum for such things.

I was thinking what to do next, take the hard-way with CTP for OSCE http://bit.ly/1tRfoRp or there is another course that i could take online that could give me the same experience as OSCP but with higher level? Maybe a web based course ?

For info, i am a student, the school give us 4 months free (kinda vacation), 2 months minimum are dedicated to internship.
If everything goes by my mind, I will take 2-3 months of internship and it will give me for sure, a entire free month.
So that why i come here to ask what should i do ?

I heard the the CTP course is far way harder then PWK. Where is somewhere a course that could help me to prepare to take CTP?

Sorry for this English :/
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