Want to buy CCNA lab kit

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Hi Folks,
Do you know where to buy reliable CCNA kit, including routers, switch, etc. I saw a lot on ebay. But I hesitate to spend several hundred bucks on used stuff. Is there some official site selling brand new kit? Thank you!


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    If you google for Cisco suppliers you shouldn't have any trouble finding plenty of official and less official Cisco resellers that sell new equipment. However, the price difference between used and new Cisco equipment is huge.
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    The key thing to buying it on e-BAY is to be sure the h/w has enough memory to support the IOS which you want to install and the IOS that comes with it is current. (or very close to it)
    IOS ver. 12.3 (as of 1/29)

    However, Cisco router Memory (16K Sticks) are real cheap @ $8.00/ea.


    So you could (and should) be able to open up the router case and install some if needed, or, for no better reason to look into the device you are learning. Chances are, in the real world, you will need to do a Memory upgrade to support new IOS s/w anyway, so why not check it out now ?

    You can always resell it on e-BAY and include a "value added extra" CD you burn with Config files, documentation resources and links to websites which helped *you* pass the exam.

    I did this years ago when I easily passed the -507 CCNA.
    Actually made a few buxx extra during the resell.

    Using real hardware is the best training.
    Boson Sims are second best IMO.

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    Yes don't make the mistake I did, I brought what I thought was a bargin. a 1720 Router with a ethernet Wic card. The problem was that the guy never used it, to get it working I had to get another IOS, then I found out I only had 8mb and the IOS I needed run with 16MB. So 16MB later I have one working 1720. Quick to learn!!

    Then I brought a 2611, IOS was old! then I found a working one....

    Then.....I brought a pair of 1900En's Which are as good to a CCNA as a kick in the teeth!

    So now I have a pair of 1720 and a 2611, all cabled and a Pair of 2950-12.

    Once I pass, I will be selling them. It will be a bargin to the person really as I have done all the work for them...Still I have learned my mistake!

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