Graduate degree decision time.

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BLUF: If you're looking at a resume for an IT security management position which would look better under education?
M.B.A. - Information Assurance concentration, UTSA; OR
M.S. - Cybersecurity and M.B.A., UMUC;

Does anyone pay attention to the school or just the degrees earned when recruiting for these positions? Also for a security management role would an MBA with an information assurance concentration be sufficient or would the dual-degree option look better? Assuming all of the standard Certs, experience, etc. are there.

The long version:
I'm looking at my options for school. I was planning on UMUC but just relocated to San Antonio which has a great cyber security program. I like the flexibility of online school since I work full time and have a family. The idea of going back to school on a campus and having actual classes would be fun, but harder on the family and make work a bit more difficult. I think classes would be easier if I could actually attend them, I'd learn more, as well as make more local connections. Both would have tuition and fees covered so I'm not looking at cost; If I went the UTSA route I would have about 14 months of my GI bill left, UMUC would use all of it for both degrees. I'm not sure what I would do with that extra time anyway, two masters seems like enough and my company reimburses me for my certs. To top it all off I'm also in the Guard, if I go to UTSA I could go in to the ROTC and not worry about being activated and pulled from class. With UMUC I could move if my contract changes or continue classes if activated. Does anyone have experience with graduate classes both online and brick and mortar? My wife's grad school was mostly research, I figure I could do it through online classes as easily as brick and mortar. Also since my focus at UTSA would be the MBA I wouldn't get much hands on with the fancy new cyber security program. I'm leaning towards UMUC but I think the local connections and name that UTSA has might carry some weight. Or am I way off base in that thought?


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    I believe UTSA is an AACSB accredited school which is what you really want. Plus their cybersecurity program is in the top 20 if not top 10 in the nation. Plus you don't have to deal with snow in San Antonio, heh.
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