Failed CCDA 751/1000 : My thoughts and questions.

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Now to begin, I have never ever ever passed any Cisco exam on the first try with the exception of the CCNP Switch test about two weeks ago and I essentially work in a giant enterprise campus enviroment with switches galore so that kind of comes to no surprise.

I was given an early expiry voucher for the CCDA and having had watched the videos on CBTnuggets about a year ago, (I still have all access), I was feeling cocky and decided to lean on my experience and go through the book rapidly and see what I could pull off.

So I sat for the CCDA today and from the time I walked into the testing center I knew it would be close but deep down I didn't feel I deserved the Cert. I powered through the first half of the exam and then got hit with a bunch of questions that were flat out trick questions. I can count three that just had more than one right answer and it said pick one. I wrote a little note to Cisco saying "WTF CISCO". Probably not the smartest idea, but I have a sense of humor...

The questions pertaining to switching and network design were fair with regards to the campus enterprise network. But wow did I ever get banged up on the topic of data center and wireless.

I am by no means a specialist past Layer three Switching, and I can deal with that...and having experience with VOIP to a degree and a little bit of routing I faired okay in those areas. The Theory of PPDIOO wasn't bad nor were the questions about the various modules really that bad.

Still I have to say: ANTHONY SEQUERA IS A VERY BAD MAN j/k...but seriously these videos really are like....a table of contents...

CBTnuggets CCDA with Anthony Sequeira left much to be desired. Not his best work. I utilized the CISCO book but I didn't really read it from cover to cover as I have it on safari and I hate ebooks.
Is there a better book out there? Did sybex put anything out?

Are their any videos out ? Did INE or stormwind make anything?

Anyway, I will lick my wounds and try again....I am kind of eager to move on the the CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT and ARCH exam someday. My God this crap is expensive.....


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    Try the Cisco Official Cert Guide. It should cover everything in the exam. CCDA Simplified was alright but the safest best is the OCG
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    I actually utilized your CCNP switch notes for my last exam....very thorough. I assume you are saying I need to get really granular here and put together notes on that level because they throw everything but the kitchen sink on you for this particular test. I hate cisco books icon_sad.gif
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    What videos do I need to kick back and watch so I can pass the Design track? I don't like studying or learning, I just want to watch videos then get the certification.

    Any ideas?
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    lol...point taken.

    INE had excellent CCNP ROUTE material though, just saying...
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    I wish you good luck next time
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    One point of struggling is that candidates do not prepare fully, and get half-baked results from the test. (This happened to me, I'll admit.)

    My CCDA exam had a few questions that came word-for-word from the ARCH book. So what? Maybe they (the test maker) mixed up some CCDP/CCDA questions when composing the test, since they tend to come out with the new Associate and Professional exams around the same time.

    The CBT Nuggets should only be used as an outline of what you need to study and research. Heck, the earlier advice to use the OCG is good advice. Just make sure to "fully" utilize the OCG. Those OCG memory tables are your friend. The end-of-chapter references are required reading. Make sure to go through the Design Zone, and familiarize yourself with the documentation there. It will come in handy. Every time you go through a section, make sure you have an idea of where that fits into the picture.

    I would suggest looking at both of these threads, as a starter:

    If you can prepare for the CCDA and get notes and resources similar like for the CCDP thread, you should be just fine.

    Hope this helps.
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    I wouldn't even use Jeremey's ICND1/2 series alone and think of giving the exam. Nuggest videos are great, but they should be used to reinforce information or get a general outline of the topic before you dive into the details. Use the books, Cisco Press Guides and highly reviewed 3rd party guides (search amazon) to get that deep theoretical knowledge.

    Practice those questions. Pass the test easy.
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    IPexpert does have CCDA videos on their schedule to come out, though we're now a few weeks past their planned release. I'm waiting to hear back if there's a new ETA on release (I have my test scheduled during Cisco Live. Like you, the voucher was there, so I figured why not)
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    Better luck next time!! Design is a hard track - keep at it!
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    Better luck next time...

    That was a tough exam. I took that exam last year and passed by the skin of my teeth. My score was the minimum score needed to pass. Half way through the exam I thought I had already failed it.

    Don't give up.

    I used the OCG and CBT Nuggets along with real world experience.
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